What Are Your Entitlements?

Learn what your entitlements are as a consumer.

A lot of policy holders in Ireland don't actually realise that they are entitled as a consumer to have a professional represent them in their property insurance claim. It is also true the many individuals and organisations don't use the services of a public loss assessor, much the same way they don't call on the skills of a tax accountant when filing tax returns. You should use a public loss assessor because, like Tax accountants, public loss assessors are experts in their field and while you may be able to lodge a claim, can you be sure you can achieve the best possible result for you and your family?

We at OCAD guarantee a no win no fee service on all claims large of small. An insurance policy is a contract, making it subject to interpretation and negotiation. How a claim is interpreted and negotiated directly affects the amount of money you will receive. it is imperative that a public loss assessor handles your claim, therefore making sure that you the policyholder/consumer receives your full entitlement. Insurance Assessing is now a fully regulated by the Financial Regulator, which brings further peace of mind the policy holders that they are getting the service that they deserve.

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